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Humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine


Press release



4iG for Digital Society Foundation, 4iG Plc and its subsidiaries are committed to providing humanitarian assistance through their staff, services, and financial resources during this critical period. 4iG is supporting the activities of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid in Ukraine with HUF 10 million and is also contributing HUF 2 million to the operation of the Swiss Clinic mobile health center for refugees in Beregsurány. 4iG Group’s telecommunications subsidiaries are providing significant discounts on mobile communications with Ukraine, and Group employees have also been involved in the collection and delivery of donations.

4iG established its Foundation in the summer of 2021 with the mission to enhance digitalisation and the development of education. However, in this critical period, 4iG Foundation for the Digital Society has chosen to provide humanitarian aid first, because leading companies have a huge responsibility to provide the right support to refugees in such extreme and often vulnerable situations as soon as possible. The Foundation has therefore made financial contributions to help those in need through the Hungarian Inter-church Aid and the Swiss Clinic medical service provider, totalling HUF 12 million.

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid provides immediate assistance to refugees and their hosts. By strengthening their centre in Beregszász, they will be able to support tens of thousands of people in need arriving in the region. In Lviv, they have set up a humanitarian center and a warehouse to provide effective assistance to refugees arriving in the region and to host helping communities there. On the Ukrainian side of the border crossing in Beregsurány, food, tea, blankets, childcare items, shelters, and mobile toilets are being installed to improve conditions for people waiting for up to hours. They have set up crisis shelters in several of their facilities in Budapest, Debrecen and Miskolc to temporarily receive and assist refugees arriving in Hungary. In addition, the charity will deliver HUF 1 billion worth of food, hygiene products, and childcare items directly to Ukraine over the next three months. 4iG Foundation is supporting the mission of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid with HUF 10 million.The Swiss Clinic, together with the Hospital in Uzsoki street, will be involved in the provision of health care for refugees from Ukraine on the spot: they will be on duty on the Hungarian side of the border in Beregsurány from March 2022. In the mobile clinic medical examinations and care to people in need will be provided with a HUF 2 million contribution from 4iG Foundation.

4iG subsidiaries and employees also support Ukrainian people in need

4iG’s telecoms subsidiaries: DIGI Hungary, One Crna Gora, ALBtelecom, and One Telecommunications are supporting people offering free services to facilitate telecommunication with Ukraine.

To support communication between families, DIGIMobil will credit its subscribers for calls and SMS from Hungary to Ukrainian basic rate phone and mobile numbers. These services will be free of charge from 24 February 2022, i.e. retroactively, and will remain free of charge until they are withdrawn.

ONE Crna Gora, together with two other mobile operators in Montenegro, is providing technical support through the local Red Cross donation line, where they can donate EUR 1 per SMS to help those in need. The operator, part of the 4iG Group, will credit roaming costs for those in Ukraine for the month of March and has reduced the bills of business and retail customers for all calls, SMS, and MMS to Ukraine for this month.To the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ office (UNHCR) desktop computers and laptops was donated by One to support the registration of persons fleeing Ukraine to Montenegro and subsequent issuance of identity documents. One Crna Gora secured mobile internet modems with free of charge internet subscription to the refugees.

ALBtelecom has removed tariffs for communication packages for Ukrainians in Albania, who need to keep in touch with their relatives and offered free roaming for Albanians in Ukraine. And One Telecommunications made its tariffs free for its Albanian customers in Ukraine and donated a significant amount of items deemed necessary by the Ukrainian Embassy in Tirana.

Invitech, one of Hungary’s leading telecommunications and infrastructure solution providers, doubled the amount of funds raised by its employees, donating a total of nearly HUF 1.4 million to the Hungarian Baptist Aid. In addition, material donations collected by employees were delivered to the crisis zone.

The two largest members of the 4iG Group, IT companies and employees of the DIGI Group, will soon launch collections to distribute non-perishable food and hygiene items to refugees from Ukraine.


Background information

The Budapest-based 4iG Plc is Hungary’s leading IT systems integrator with significant interests in the domestic and regional telecommunications markets. The company has been present in the market for innovative industry-independent IT technologies for more than 25 years. The company is continuously expanding its services and portfolio to meet the changing needs and demands of the ICT market. The Group employs more than 6,700 people. 4iG is a broad-spectrum solutions provider with significant interests in IT, telecommunications, satellite telecommunications, and telecommunications infrastructure development. The company, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, aims to build a dominant market position in a wide range of info-communication services in Hungary, Central Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.