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4iG Plc.Company Overview



4iG Plc., a Hungarian majority-owned headquartered in Budapest, is a definitive actor in the telecommunications and IT market of Hungary and the Western Balkans, as well as one of the leading companies in the knowledge-based, digital economy. Listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, the innovative and fresh perspective of the company, as well as being the leading IT system integrator in Hungary, makes the Group an outstanding digital transformation services provider in the residential and business segments in the region. The company's cross-border competence and knowledge base along with its capital strength form a solid basis for its development into a major market player. Thanks to its dynamic expansion strategy, 4iG has strengthened into a key player in the telecommunications market of Hungary and the Western Balkans.

4iG has been present in the field of innovative technologies in Hungary for almost three decades, and has a solid track record in all segments of digital solutions. In the sign of its dedication to innovation and customer engagement, the Group improves business efficiency with smart solutions. The entry into the telecommunications market in Southeast Europe is a proof for the Company's commitment to investment and continuous development. In response to the trends and requirements of the telecommunications and IT markets, the Group is continuously expanding its services, expert strength, and portfolio. 4iG Group has nearly 6 thousand employees.

The company has several major international investors, among the majority shareholder Gellért Jászai (51.22%), one of the leading defence and automotive companies of the World, Rheinmetall (25.12%) as strategic partner, and the Portugal-based Alpac Capital (7.41%) as financial investor, as well as the Turkish Çalık Holding (3.16%), have major stakes in the company.



4iG and its predecessors have been in the IT solutions market for nearly 30 years, and by the end of 2021 the company has become Hungary’s largest, market-leading IT systems integrator. The Company pursues a diversified, platform- and vendor-independent IT portfolio, and with a history of almost three decades, maintains strategic partnerships with every leading supplier and vendor in the World. 4iG partners with the business and public sector in the IT services market, aiming to deliver high additional value to its customers in technologies with high strategic relevance. The Group is a 360-degree IT service provider, that is based on a team of experts with diverse competencies and decades of experience.

4iG's solutions represent remarkable added value – on national level – for the residential, corporate, and governmental customers through machine-to-machine (IoT) communication, data-driven approach, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies. The Group creates actual business advantage for its corporate customers thanks to digital services provided spanning life cycles. 4iG selects its infrastructure supplier partners taking cyber security into account, and cooperating with local authorities to ensure that customers receive services on the most favourable terms.

The cooperation with 4iG's strategic partner Rheinmetall lays the foundation for the Group to become a dominant market player in the defence industry, especially in the process of digitalisation of the defence industry, in Hungary, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe in the coming years. The joint ventures founded by the two companies have great potential to become a key player in IT solutions for the defence industry in Hungary and the EU, also globally in the long term.


Thanks to the expansion strategy of 4iG in the markets of Hungary and the Western Balkans, the company has become one of the leading telecommunication groups by 2022 in the region. Three quarters of the Group’s revenues and more than 90% of its EBITDA is derived from telco segment.

4iG’s telecommunications portfolio is contained by Antenna Hungária, in which the Hungarian state holds a 23.8% stake. Following the transactions carried out in the past two years (Hungaro DigiTel, Invitech, DIGI Group, Antenna Hungária), the group is the second largest telecommunications operator in Hungary and the leading provider in the Western Balkan region by having acquired the Montenegrin ONE Crna Gora, as well as the Albanian One Telecommunications and ALBtelecom.

The diversified telecommunications and IT portfolio of 4iG provides the group a significant competitive advantage over traditional companies in the industry. The unique and concentrated expertise distinguishes the group in the Hungarian and international market. The telecommunications services are backed by a vast infrastructure in order to provide high quality services to retail (B2C) and business (B2B) customers through 32.5 thousand kilometres of fibre optic network, and 4275 transmission towers, base and repeater stations.


4iG Group’s key strategic objective is to satisfy the market of consumers, businesses, and governments by leveraging digital competences and state-of-the-art technologies. Next generation ICT services are already part of our everyday lives, and their importance is expected to increase rapidly. 4iG’s solutions, that make day-to-day operations simpler, potentially becoming more and more widespread in Hungary, as well as globally, as they aid the adaptation to the rapidly changing environment, and play a crucial role in the digital development of the economy. The acquisition strategy will continue to support the successful operations of the company, continuous expansion of its resources, and the entry into new markets. 4iG announced in August 2022 the prospect of acquisition of 100% stake in Vodafone Hungary Plc. jointly with the Hungarian state. Completing the transaction successfully places 4iG Plc. as 51% owner of Vodafone, and 49% of the shares shall be possessed by the Hungarian state. The market-shaping acquisition will emerge the group to a convergent operator in Hungary, empowering it to compete with the largest operators in the telecommunications industry.


4iG is a provider of a wide range of solutions. The company has significant interests in satellite telecommunications, UAV technologies, integrated ERP and process management systems, as well as data-centre building and operation. Through the process of becoming a 360-degree provider, the range of services and solutions is gradually expanding.

  • Engineering certificates: 2,224
  • Vendor partners: 130+
  • Managed devices: 137.000+
  • Operated servers: 4,386
  • B2B telecom customers: 188,590
  • B2C telecom customers: 2,848,305
  • Total optical network: 32.536 km
  • Telco towers: 4.275