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This year we are donating HUF 50,000,000 to the Semmelweis University Foundation



We believe that the future generation is the most important investment


This year we are donating HUF 50,000,000 to the Semmelweis University Foundation, the country's leading paediatric institution with active outpatient and inpatient care and internationally renowned research achievements.

We provide digital tools to support the operation, teaching and research activities of the Bókay Street and Tűzoltó Street Departments of the Semmelweis University Children's Hospital, and our colleagues have twice this year played an active role in the 4iG Group's Employee Volunteering Programme to decorate the Institution's buildings for Christmas, bringing festive cheer to the lives of patients and staff. At the end of the second Volunteer Day, Péter Fekete, CEO of the 4iG Group, handed over the first part of the equipment to Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University and Dr. Attila Szabó, Deputy Clinical Rector and Director of the Children's Hospital in the Institute’s building in Tűzoltó Sreet.


We are upgrading the clinic's digital information interfaces in the outpatient waiting rooms, and we are participating in the full IT upgrade of the Institution's new teaching building with the appropriate tools and the expertise of our colleagues. The new digital teaching building will be used to train parents of children with long-term conditions and to provide continuing education for doctors and medical students.