The VAT number of 4iG Ltd. changed from Oct 1, 2023.
Our new VAT No.:
12011069-2-51, the EU VAT No. remains unchanged (HU12011069). 

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4iG Plc. Extraordinary Announcement - 2022.10.27.

Investor Relations


Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG Plc.

On the results of an open EU public procurement procedureand on signing a great value contract

4iG Public Limited Company (hereinafter: “4iG”, “4iG PLC”) hereby informs its Esteemed Investors and the Participants of the Capital and Financial Markets about the announcement of 4iG Plc's bid as the successful bidder in the European Union open tender procedure for "Digital Welfare Dispatching Services", launched by Social Politics Innovation Non-Profit Limited

The objective of this procurement procedure is to create a new type of digital well-being services environment for citizens over 65 years of age, and to provide them with a 24-hour a day, digital technology-based, signalling-based helpdesk service.

The project deadline is 31.12.2025. The service can be extended for one year.

The contents of the pricing of the procedure based on the summary document:

Milestone 1: 1 459 000 000 HUF
Milestone 2: 2 548 000 000 HUF
System access fee (net HUF/user): 14 800 HUF
Service fee (net HUF/user/month): 1 736 HUF

Date of signing: October 26, 2022

Budapest, October 27, 2022

4iG Plc.