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4iG Group deploys Elisa Polystar Network Automation suite


Press release

4iG Group deploys Elisa Polystar Network Automation suite

The 4iG Group and Elisa Polystar have signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of an automated network management and customer experience monitoring system. In the first phase of the cooperation, the innovative solution will be implemented at Vodafone Hungary.


4iG Group is the first Hungarian company to implement Elisa Polystar’s solution for the automation of network monitoring processes, based on Elisa Polystar’s Zero-Touch NOC, intending to ensure a higher level of network operations and thus improve customer experience. Under the agreement with 4iG Group, Elisa Polystar will also implement its best-in-class data operations solutions at Vodafone Hungary, the first of its Hungarian subsidiaries. Elisa Polystar's innovative DataOps solutions will enable the service provider to build an open data architecture that consolidates data from multiple network sources, enabling data virtualization.

The system continuously monitors network performance & customer experience to predict, detect and resolve problems without human intervention, enabling operators to automate their fault management processes.

The closed-loop Zero-Touch NOC solution used in Elisa’s own network in Finland can handle 100% of alarms, resulting in a 71% reduction in network incidents and 79% faster resolution.

“The cooperation with Elisa Polystar is an important milestone in the life of both 4iG Group and Vodafone Hungary, as the future belongs to automated networks that offer speed and reliability to our customers”, said Péter Fekete, CEO of 4iG Group. “The telecommunications industry is changing dynamically, and we want to be at the forefront of this changing environment in order to provide our customers with the highest quality of service”.

“Elisa Polystar is committed to offering a range of cloud-based solutions that contribute to fully self-service networks through artificial intelligence, machine learning and custom data management tools”, said Anssi Okkonen, CEO of Elisa Polystar. “Our telecom experience, automation knowledge, and ability to manage complexity make us a leader in network monitoring. We are pleased to be able to offer these solutions in partnership with 4iG Group”.

Representatives from 4iG Group and Elisa Polystar discussed the vision for the future at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: the next milestone in the project will be artificial intelligence and machine learning to autonomously identify and resolve emerging faults, providing a higher-level operating model for companies.

About Elisa Polystar

Elisa Polystar is a leading global provider of cloud-native AI-driven solutions, empowering Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in their journey towards self-driving networks. With a proven portfolio spanning data management, network analytics, and automation, we transform CSP networks, ensuring exceptional customer experiences and operational excellence.

Our innovative AI-driven analytics have consistently reduced OPEX and CAPEX for 100+ CSPs worldwide, fostering closed-loop network operations and automation across RAN, transport, and core domains.

As a vendor-agnostic telco expert, we seamlessly integrate with various hardware platforms and technologies, leveraging our unique advantage of testing innovations in Elisa's live network. Elisa Polystar is part of the Elisa Group, a pioneer in telecommunications, Hyperautomation and digital services, serving over 5 million customers in Finland and Estonia..