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More efficient development and operation on a digital basis

Digitalization takes building management to a new level, and significant savings can be achieved from the tenant and manager side, whether it is an already completed or a newly designed and constructed building.

Digitalization also significantly facilitates the design, the construction, the conversion and the operation processes of buildings. The use of these technologies expands the documentation available to the Contracting Parties based on measured data, so that, looking back on any phase, it is possible to clarify possible disputes on the basis of specifics. Further developments and expansions can be implemented more quickly and accurately.

During the construction phase, the progress of the building is continuously monitored in a 4D environment (3 physical dimensions plus 1 temporal dimension combined). Comparing the construction plans continuously with the 3D survey, the current level of readiness can be accurately monitored, be it the construction of the static frame, the engineering or the electrical network. In the event of a significant discrepancy, the designers have the possibility to modify the plans on the basis of a survey following the execution, thus preventing possible collisions and unplanned improvisations. The point cloud recorded in 3D also provides a suitable basis for the accounting of the execution.

The system created by the 4iG Mensor3D business unit is a new level of digitalization in the construction industry. During the transformation of an existing building, survey documentation of the property is prepared before the planning phase. The documentation consists of high-resolution digital photos, panorama images, detailed 2D drawings, 3D models, and additional attribute data. Thus, the design is carried out on a real and non-idealized geometric basis, thus reducing collisions and continuous redesign during construction.

Thanks to the scheduled survey, the BIM model of the realized condition can be created from the building, which, in addition to the implementation plan, becomes a basic element of the operation of the building.

Digitalization takes building management to a new level, hence savings can be made from both tenant and managerial side, whether it's a building that has already been completed or newly designed. During the operational phase, we can get an accurate statement of exactly how much space tenants are renting, what transformations are possible, and we get basic support also for performing maintenance. We provide a complex system that includes the building's up-to-date 3D point cloud, 2D drawings, marking the units needed for operation (sensors, lamps, switches, extractors, etc.). These items can be searched, selected, shared, simplifying and clarifying error reporting, maintenance, or even booking tables and meeting rooms. On a GUI accessible even on a mobile device, one can even display real-time data such as temperature, humidity, or data from other sensors.

With the help of indoor navigation developed into the system, which does not require installed sensors, we provide a new level of route planning within the building (even between mechanical equipment).

  • Design and impact testing
  • Operation support
  • 3D point cloud
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Smart offices, efficient solutions, technology of the future in the present.

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