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Digitalization is essential in the pharmaceutical industry as well

The digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry spans all processes in the industry, the entire life cycle of products, from research to sales to consumer relations.

Digitalization primarily reduces the time to market, i.e. the introduction, release and distribution of new medicines. It helps keep the market clean by reducing market space for tampered products, and by providing reliability and greater safety for sick and healthy people who buy products protected by proper tracking.

The phenomenon, often referred to as the ‘informatization’ of the pharmaceutical industry interweaves all processes in the industry, the entire product cycle.

  • drug research (inventing new drugs),
  • system of clinical trials,
  • pharmaceutical production,
  • pharmaceutical regulations,
  • drug sales,
  • pharmaceutical industry operational support (logistics, digital sales chains, eProcurement, security solutions)

New digital technology tools such as IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotics bring agile pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, transparency and efficiency across the whole supply chain.

Pharmaceutical industry

If we take a look at pharmaceutical manufacturing, we see that there are two main challenges for pharmaceutical companies:

  • on one hand, to meet the digital consumer demand for faster, patient-oriented, results-based medicines,
  • on the other hand, the implementation of the production of drugs at lower pharmaceutical prices.

Digitalization and the application of digital transformation throughout the value chain are very obvious and effective ways to address both challenges. Because today it is not about the need to digitalize the segments and processes of the pharmaceutical industry, but rather about the extent and effectiveness of the introduction of these IT-based support systems in the given areas.

In Hungary, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the success sectors of our economy. Accordingly, 4iG Plc. has traditionally given priority to serving this industry more widely, with the most efficient solutions. In this segment, our group has decades of working relationships and experience, and we know the key players in the market among our clients.


  • supporting the operation of the IT environment of pharmaceutical manufacturers' lines,
  • operation and support of the IT environment of laboratory devices, with great experience, rapid reaction times,
  • software validation of Laboratory Computerized Systems,
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) validation,
  • software validation of manufacturing systems,
  • support for validated environments (even providing technical owner services),
  • introduction and support of serialization systems, unique identification and monitoring,
  • support for industrial control systems - PLC programming and support,
  • support for the operation of office and logistics systems in the pharmaceutical field,
  • support for the improvement of specific instruments in the pharmaceutical field.

WHY 4iG?

We have proven in many industries that our approach beyond IT systems significantly helps our customers achieve their business goals. In addition to the systems (products) that can be implemented immediately, our approach also extends to long-term partnerships based on joint innovation. However, a successful business digital transformation cannot be done without stable IT foundations, including technology, processes, human resources and expertise. With 4iG's complex digitalization approach, we can better prepare our customers' organizations for the new operating models required by the digitized economy.



We provide full service, we pay attention to all elements and aspects of the laboratory informatics system to be validated.