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Digital transformation is a significant game-changer in production and manufacturing

Companies and their industrial processes need to adapt to rapid change if they do not want to fall behind their competitors in their efficiency and productivity.

The continuous next wave of industrial innovation is being accelerated by the ever-expanding next-generation technologies, such as intelligent robots, drones, sensors, and 3D printing. In addition to the increased availability of new technologies for the manufacturing industry, industrial customers also demand more data, integration and transparency in their entire supply chain.

Industry 4.0 is an area that relies on IT solutions by orders of magnitude more than in the previous generation of factories. The problem today is no longer around the applications that companies use, but how to find integration opportunities with the help and guidance of system integration IT companies, in order to make the highest possible use of information and data from systems serving core activities (ERP, CMMS, MES, WMS, etc.). Therefore, system integrators like 4iG need to adapt to the changing needs of the field, and they also need to prepare for the implementation of IT systems serving the core activities of the industrial field such as the creation of digital twins, integration tasks, automation systems, and machine learning supported analytics & intervention, while securing the production OT cyber systems.

As a system integrator, 4iG also relies on a significant expert knowledge base and the number of its complex projects successfully implemented in this vertical sector. 4iG is actively involved in the development of customized solutions for manufacturing and production companies. These Industry 3.0 and 4.0 solution can achieve significant increase in efficiency, offering our customers significant competitive advantage against lagging incumbent competitors.

The demand for industrial digitalization developments is growing in almost all areas: in the automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, FMCG and oil industries. As there are significant benefits to digital transformation regardless of industry, it is easy to discover similarities with Lean strategies and tools in this area. Companies that have standardized their business and manufacturing processes in a timely manner can now upgrade to Industry 4.0 in a shorter time period.
For a manufacturing company to rise to a higher technological maturity level, it is generally a prerequisite that Industry 3.0 technologies and expert systems are already in use in their businesses extensively. From here, they can achieve the next step in their development: to data-driven automation and robotization – to industrial digitalization itself. This development is driven by a variety of engines in the world, such as:

  • rapidly changing market and customer needs,
  • advancement of competitors in quality and developments,
  • limited human work resources,
  • growing expectations in the supply chain and ecosystem.

The goal is usually uniform: Industry 4.0 solutions must have a growth impact in efficiency, quality, logistics and profit.


The 4iOP Digital Operations Platform is an industrial digitalization platform and framework developed by 4iG, that can offer specific solutions at all levels of production. This platform can is modular, therefore it is not necessary to purchase the entire end-to-end solution, stand-alone implementations are possible. 4iOP products act as a kind of layer on the platform where any element can be added one by one.

WHY 4iG?

4iG offers effective solutions to the following manufacturing problems:

  • identifying real bottlenecks, predicting machine downtimes and unplanned failures, making intra-logistical losses visible, objectively measuring downtimes and identifying the causes,
  • when there are frequent changes in customer needs, expectations and in technical content,
  • when process monitoring is incomplete, when the objective performance measurement is incomplete, when there is a lack of decision support tools, and the rapid and regulated escalation of events is cumbersome,
  • queuing, congestion problems, when there is a lack of optimal storage locations and routes, and a lack of capacity analysis and planning,
  • when the automation of quality control and the possibility of immediate intervention and action are not implemented,
  • when the performance tracking of workers and operators is not covered.

We have proven in many industries that our approach beyond IT systems helps our clients to achieve their business goals significantly. In addition to the systems (products) that can be implemented immediately, our approach extends to a long-term partnership based on joint innovation. However, a successful business digital transformation cannot be established without stable IT foundations, including technology, processes and human resources and expertise. 4iG's complex digitalization approach helps prepare the organizations of their customers more efficiently for the new operating models required by the digitalized economy.



Using NavVis technology, we are able to assess an area ​​up to 10,000 square meters per day.


Industry 4.0 mostly integrates data from separate expert systems and then analyzes them together to take manufacturing to the next level.


Siemens' scalable solutions range from mandatory industrial metering to complex machine learning energy management systems.