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Reducing energy costs is an essential factor in maintaining competitiveness on the long run, and tightening legal requirements are forcing industrial companies to use energy more and more consciously. In order to meet these challenges, it is essential to continuously monitor the energy consumption of the whole company and to develop consistent, production-wide energy management.

The scalable solutions of Siemens offer solutions on several levels, ranging from simple electricity monitoring according to legal requirements to complex energy management systems supported by machine learning. The greatest advantage of this modularity is that the system can grow according to the needs of companies


For economic organizations obliged to use an energy specialist, the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Office (MEKH) has laid down rules in the 1/2020. (I. 16) Regulation for the installation of submeters which accurately monitor electricity consumption, and for the minimum measurement requirements.

According to the Regulation, from 1 January 2021, the installation of an individual submeter is mandatory at the following electricity points of use if the electricity consumption cannot be determined on the basis of installed power and uptime:

  • Stand-alone electrical equipment with a nominal power above 100 kW
  • Heat production equipment and air conditioners with a nominal electrical power above 140 kW
  • In case of investment for energy efficiency purposes, renovation or in the event of recourse to the tax credit, if the level of electricity savings cannot be determined by calculation on the basis of installed power and uptime.

As of 1 January 2022, the aforementioned measurement values will be amended as follows:

  • Changes from 100 kW to 50 kW for stand-alone electrical equipment
  • Changes from 140 kW to 70 kW for electrically powered heat production equipment and air conditioners
  • In addition, an individual submeter is required for equipment fed through 1 entry point and sequenced into technology, where the maximum installed simultaneous power exceeds 100 kW.


Energy management is an important component of sustainable production. Energy management is a comprehensive issue that concerns not only building management systems and infrastructure. Linking production data with energy data alone offers great opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

It is important that companies use energy efficiently and effectively. In order to achieve this goal, full transparency is needed in how much energy is used and for what purpose. Transparency is a prerequisite for energy efficiency. This will help to successfully implement the measures and to monitor the results and ensure their sustainability.

The product portfolio of Siemens supports partners with comprehensive and flexible solutions with the help of 4iG experts, from energy data collection and field-level visualization to company-wide energy data analysis and management-level reporting.


The scalable Siemens product portfolio includes integrated and extensible power management solutions that serve all your needs. These allow to scale the solution according to the company's needs and current level of readiness – from solutions for measuring a single device to complex systems covering entire production units:

  • Field energy measurement and data collection systems fit perfectly into the automatization environment, but depending on the application, they can be installed even individually.
  • Production-level solutions monitor the energy consumption of machines and plants in a simple way. From measuring individual consumptions to a detailed analysis of the efficiency of the entire fleet of devices, the solutions offered ensure transparency of energy consumption.- Integrated solutions support the simple implementation of production-level energy monitoring, from consumption metering to detailed efficiency analysis based on the condition of the machine or plant.
  • Enterprise-wide energy analysis solutions support the design, implementation and evaluation of efficiency-enhancing measures, cost allocation to production units or compliance with legal and audit (ISO 50001) requirements. And thanks to the machine learning-supported solution, we can prepare for future events with predictive forecasts.


As a system integrator, 4iG also relies on its significant expert knowledge base and many of its complex projects that have been successfully implemented. 4iG is actively involved in the development of customized solutions at manufacturing and production companies. These can achieve significant efficiency gains, giving our customers a great competitive advantage.

The demand for industrial digitalization developments is growing in almost all areas: automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, oil industry. With 4iG Industry 4.0 solutions, production, manufacturing, technology and logistics processes can be integrated to achieve the digitalization of business processes, thus contributing to the efficient operation of the company.

4iG has extensive cybersecurity expertise, so our specialist colleagues can help protect industrial IT/OT systems from consultations to the introduction of security technologies to 7/24h operational supervision.

We have proven in many industries that our approach, complemented by machine learning systems that combine automatization and IT systems, significantly helps our customers in achieving their business goals. In addition to the systems (products) that can be implemented immediately, our approach also extends to long-term partnerships based on joint innovation. The basis of successful business digital transformation is the management of technology, processes, human resources and expertise as a complex unity. 4iG can better prepare its customers' organization for new operating models required by the digitized economy with its complex digitalization approach.

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