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Financial services and insurance

We offer next-generation solutions to our financial institutional clients as well

As a prominent IT system integrator in Hungary, our strategic objective is to provide the financial sector with the latest knowledge, innovative and reliable technologies.

With its IT infrastructure and software application solutions and services, 4iG Plc. (and its legal predecessors) has been an active player in the Hungarian financial institution market for decades. The foundations of our financial industry solutions have been laid down by our former subsidiaries in the field of infrastructure and application development. We were among the firsts in Hungary to come up with our mandatory reporting solution for banking, and our infrastructure and application solutions and related services are widely available to our customers in accordance with the special needs of the sector.

We have built our current product portfolio based on the experiences of 4iG’s professionals, a portfolio which has now been completed by 21st century IT solutions that support our customers both technologically and commercially in achieving their digitalization goals.

We have extensive experience in mandatory reporting and Credit Register (HITREG) reporting, in regulatory compliance and IT implementation of supervisory regulatory tasks.

Our large enterprise IT security and GRC (governance, risk, compliance) experts are available for our banking and insurance clients to help in their consulting and implementation needs. We ensure traceable and reliable operation of our various business systems, complemented by blockchain-based technology used in our management solutions.

We prioritize transforming the banking industry. In addition to ‘traditional’ IT solutions and improving operational efficiency, we also wish to provide next-generation solutions to financial institution customers, such as microservice-based development, IT cloud applications and fintech solutions such as open banking, PSD2, API and payment solutions, and even digital customer identification.

4iG Plc. is a member of the Association of Electronic Payment Service Providers (EFISZ).

Prior service areas:


  • Blockchain-based banking solutions (DLT),
  • Containerization,
  • DORA consulting (Digital Operational Resilience Act),
  • Cloud solutions, infrastructure services,
  • Artificial intelligence-based solutions.


  • Risk management, GRC solutions,
  • Banking security solutions,
  • Business systems, management solutions, custom developments,
  • Payment solutions,
  • Open banking, PSD2 and API integration.


  • Digital customer identification,
  • Development of insurer’s systems,
  • SAP consulting,
  • Mandatory reporting + Credit Register (HITREG) reporting, regulatory compliance, supervisory regulation.

WHY 4iG?

We have proven in many industries that our approach beyond IT systems efficiently helps our customers to achieve their business goals. In addition to the systems (products) that can be implemented immediately, our approach extends to a long-term partnership based on joint innovation. However, a successful business digital transformation cannot be implemented without stable IT foundations, including technology, processes and human resources and expertise as well. 4iG's complex digitalization approach helps to prepare the organizations of its customers more efficiently for the new operating models required by the digitalized economy.