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Digitalization in the fields of agriculture and food industry

Digitalization has changed from an option to a competitive factor in the agriculture and in the food industry.

One of the main challenges of the players of the agricultural sector and of the food industry in their digitalization initiatives is the coordination of various individually designed software and hardware solutions and the provision of an accessible flow of information. It is often a significant problem that all changes can be tracked up-to-date, and it is far from enough for the data to be simply recorded. In addition, it is necessary to define the metrics, to carry out analyses on an ongoing scale and to constantly monitor economic processes.

4iG Plc. is committed to becoming the dominant digital service provider of agriculture and the food industry. As one of Hungary's outstanding IT companies, we offer solutions that help manage and efficiently produce healthy food based on validated data.

Our approach goes beyond IT systems, we believe in partnership and co-operation based on joint innovation and developments tailored to our customers' business goals.

Digitalization can contribute to increasing productivity and meeting consumers' legitimate expectation that agricultural products can be traced from farm to table.

4iG's digital solutions can be customized to meet individual specific needs, so we can serve our customers without compromise by bringing different types of information to a common platform.


In the age of Big Data, working with huge chunks of data in agriculture and in the food industry is an increasingly important requirement for maintaining competitiveness and market position. Data collection is one of the key areas of the digital transition. 4iG offers solutions for this.

Digital farming, Data lifecycle

Agricultural operators are also collecting data currently, but:

  • the quality and reliability of the data are questionable,
  • there are no integrated systems - the data do not integrate,
  • the data are only available from one system,
  • the data cannot be used in other systems.

Digital data collection:

  • WITH SENSORS - excluding human factors,
  • CLEANING - filtering out digital noise,
  • VALIDATION - cross-checking data, e.g. comparing the spray log with GPS data,
  • DATA MULTIPLICATION - integrating two relevant data is worth a lot more than looking at them one at a time.

The multiplier effect means multiplication effect. The investment multiplier shows us how many units of income growth are generated overall by one unit investment into the economy.

We can use the results of digital data collection to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into our everyday workflows. These solutions can provide predictions and suggestions for the next steps.

Different forecasts provide information based on sensors and environmental data:

  • on the diseases affecting our crops, on the appearance of pests,
  • on the expected return,
  • on the predictable selling prices on the basis of the expected return.

Based on the data from the forecasts, AI solutions are able to propose:

  • the possible methods of increasing the return and its economic results,
  • various interventions (crop disease, appearance of pests).

What does 4iG offer to the players of the agricultural sector and of the food industry?


  • Developing a company-specific digitalization strategy
  • Data processing unification, validation, data protection
  • Optimization of the management process
  • Innovation management


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Sensors (IoT), remote control and automatization (M2M)
  • Cloud services and IT infrastructure, firewall
  • Blockchain technology
  • 3D digitalization
  • Drone systems


  • Interconnection of data systems, data mining and validation
  • Digital dashboard and repository
  • Decision support solutions
  • Product tracking
  • Workflow management and resource management
  • Unique software and hardware development
  • Cybersecurity

WHY 4iG?

We have proven in many industries that our approach beyond IT systems significantly helps our customers achieve their business goals. In addition to the systems (products) that can be implemented immediately, our approach also extends to long-term partnerships based on joint innovation. However, a successful business digital transformation cannot be done without stable IT foundations, including technology, processes, human resources and expertise. 4iG can better prepare its customers' organization for new operating models required by the digitized economy with its complex digitalization approach.