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Holistic approach in cybersecurity services and technologies

Consulting, a broad set of preventive and proactive technologies and services, continuous monitoring and fine-tuning to protect digital business and the entire IT life cycle.

In the digitalized business world, our data is the primary targets of cyberattacks. Due to the explosive growth in number and severity of threats, the holistic cybersecurity approach covering the entire life cycle of IT systems is indispensable.

Enterprises, public institutions, critical infrastructure operators or SMEs are all targeted by more sophisticated and dangerous forms of attack day by day.

4iG provides solutions to protect its customers’ digital business processes and the entire life cycle of their data assets. The development of new applications and systems should start with determining security requirements, legal-compliance, industry-specific or international standard perspectives. Our experts handle system security requirements, preparation for an audit, due diligence based on, e.g. NIST, ISO standards, PCI-DSS compliance or regulatory oversight requirements such as the Hungarian local “IBTV” or financial sector oversight (MNB) requirements. Our consultants help measure, update or even create policies for data processing, IT security strategy, disaster recovery and business continuity processes of the company. With our GRC services risk analysis, any company can implement optimal business processes and a system development strategy.

Whether a system should be protected in a physical/on-premises or a cloud environment, we provide a broad set of preventive and proactive cybersecurity technologies so that your systems can have a security level you expect, irrespective of the platform and location of hosting.


The continuous monitoring and operations and regular refinement of your systems and security solutions guarantee that all security events are explored and incidents are responded in the right manner. Our wide range of cybersecurity managed services are available for all companies where the unavailability of data or IT systems may cause financial or operational loss. We help with the maintenance of continued operation and production with guaranteed availability.

Cybersecurity must be pursued in all technological layers; it is not enough to equip some aspects of the infrastructure, application or service with a subsequent external protective layer. The planning and operations of secure systems must be regarded as a central aspect from the first moment of the development process.

Cybersecurity Service Overview



Our experts help you assess, update or even create your company's data management rules, information security strategy, policies, disaster recovery and more.


Log analysis, incident management, vulnerability management: SOC center up to 7x24 hours. Managed protection systems: endpoint protection, e-mail filtering and more.


The selection and implementation of preventive and proactive protection technologies is carried out by our security architecture and engineering specialists.


Application & Development Security is not a goal or a tool, but a process for which we use 4iG’s “Secure by Design” methodology and approach.